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Animal Therapy

Have you watched a chicken sit on a clutch of eggs for 21 days straight?

Or a flock of ducks waddle up to the front porch at feeding time, just to make sure you didn't forget them?

Animals have been used in therapy since the time of the Ancient Greeks. "Farm animals were also used in the 1940s by the American Red Cross on a farm where veterans suffering from injury or illness could take care of the animals to further their recovery. It was said that working with the farm animals helped the veterans put their minds on something besides war and other associated traumas. " (A History of Animal Assisted Therapy,

At Project Victory Gardens we recognize that sitting with a Mama Hen while she hatches out eggs is just as therapeutic as any counseling session we have participated in. We have watched troubled children sit holding a chicken for hours with a smile on their face.

Do you recognize the need for animal therapy in your own life? Do you have a Veteran, Service-member, or Dependent that could use some time working with our animals? Contact us today to arrange your visit at!

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