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April Showers

2 April 2019. April Showers bring May Flowers! We finally got a good amount of rain last night! This is very exciting for me, because I have been hauling buckets of water out of the pond to water my raised garden beds, new trees, three sisters mounds, and tea garden. (Eventually we will figure out an irrigation system, but until then I am thankful for the rain!)

While rain can be an inconvenience, it is a fundamental part of farm life! The same holds true for life. The rain and the swirling fog on the pond may seem dreary or threatening. When you are going through difficult times in your life, it can be hard to see your way through the fog. But, just like April Showers, the tough times can make way for better things! There is no way to get those beautiful May flowers without the showers, first.

The chickens wandered around this morning with no regard for the rain or the fog. They just enjoyed the yummy worms that the rain brought up. How can we focus on the good things while the rain pours around us in our lives? In the Army, we are taught to "Hunt the Good Stuff". Like the chicken finding a worm, we can find moments of goodness in the midst of darkness. Maybe you are having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, but you caught a green light that is normally red...that's the Good Stuff! Sit down in the evening and identify three good things that happened. Trust me, it gets easier with practice! Write them down and reflect on how they made you feel. Do it as a family or a couple.

What are your May flowers? Here is a puppy picture to get you started! We would love to hear from you!

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