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Start your own Victory Garden

19 March 2019. War Gardens in WWI and later Victory Gardens in WWII were an important part of the American war contributions. At the height of WWII, production from backyard gardens made up over 40% of the fruit and vegetables consumed in the United States. Growing and preserving food was thought to improve the morale of the citizens, while decreasing the pressure on the public food supply.

Today, over one third of American farmers are over the age of 60. As the population of farmers decreases, we could again be facing a national food crisis. With increased transportation costs and a crumbling national transportation infrastructure, the costs of food will only continue to increase.

Why not turn to your own backyard to solve the problem? With improved yields and planting strategies, the average family can grow enough produce to feed themselves on 1/4 acre or less. Add in a few chickens, and you will have fresh eggs for amazing omelets! Do you live in an apartment or rental and can't put in a garden? Container gardening can reduce your reliance on the grocery store even if you grow only a few tomato or pepper plants! We set up an aquaponics system in the house that not only gives us strong, healthy plants, but the joy of watching our fish swim around!

What do you grow in your Victory Garden? We'd love to hear from you!

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We all need something growing. Potatoes at the minimum with the way things look.


I totally understand! I grew up in my grandpa's garden in Montana. We couldn't plant anything until Memorial Day. Down here it seems like Memorial Day is when my garden starts to die off because of the heat! We are very excited to start our aquaponics system next spring and see what we can grow in water!


Rota Krape
Rota Krape
Aug 10, 2019

We live on Main Drive ( not far from you) and as a transplant from a much cooler climate, I am struggling with my gardening efforts because of the heat. My husband and I are both ex military ( Air Force) and now are retired from our medical professions. We have a small garden that we work year round.

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