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Farms of the Brave

Farms of the Brave is the official veteran agritourism certification in America, administered nationally by Project Victory Gardens.


Mission Statement


Farms of the Brave is a call to arms to draw Americans back to the land. Freedom’s Calling the public to visit veteran-owned or veteran-led farms and agribusinesses for recreation, entertainment, and education.


Certification Guidance


Farms of the Brave is a certification program designating veteran-owned or veteran-led farms and agribusinesses engaging in agritourism.


The Farms of the Brave mark is not to be used on goods or services but indicates compliance with the certification standards.


Certified Farms of the Brave will be authorized to utilize the marketing and branding materials to include the mark under license from Project Victory Gardens in accordance with prescribed certification agreements.


Certification Standards

Farms of the Brave


Have served or are currently serving in any branch of the United States Military.

Received an ‘Honorable’ or ‘General (Under Honorable Conditions)’ characterization of service upon discharge from the military and can provide proof by submitting a Department of Defense Form DD-214.

Currently serving service members must provide a letter of support from their commanding officer or designated representative attesting to their characterization of service.

Veterans with a characterization of service of ‘Other than Honorable’ may be eligible based on a more thorough review of their individual situation.

Agribusinesses and farming operations must maintain a minimum of 50% veteran ownership or a minimum of 50% veteran management control.

Agribusinesses and farming operations must be engaged in agritourism activities on a working farm or ranch that allows the public for recreational, entertainment, or educational purposes to visit and see rural activities in person, to include but not limited to farm stays, farming or homesteading classes, farm camps, farm visits and tours, u-pick operations, festivals, event rentals, etc.

Renewal – Certifications under the Farms of the Brave brand must be renewed every three years pending a review of any changes to business ownership, and/or farm activity.

Freedom's Calling

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